Will Ferrell Net Worth

Will Ferrell is an American Comedian, Actor and Writer. Will Ferrell Net Worth according to the 2022 updates is around $160 Million. Explore more about Will Ferrell‘s earning, income, salary, career and other details. His

Will Ferrell Full name John William Will Ferrell. His nick Name was Will Ferrell. Will Ferrell now 54 Years old .

Will Ferrell Father Lee Ferrell was a keyboard player and his Mother Betty Kay was  a teacher.

Will Ferrell Spouse  was  Viveca Paulin. He has three kids.

He was born in 16 July 1967  in Irvine, California, United states of america.

Will Ferrell complete his graduation. Here are the best highlights of Will Ferrell’s Career

Will Ferrell began his career by working with some minor jobs. Ferrell tried to establish himself as a standup comedy artist but failed at first.

Next, he auditioned for the Groundings and got trough. Ferrell began to take small roles in different TV sitcoms like ‘Grace Under Fire’ and ‘Living Single’.

Ferrell received a work on ‘Saturday Night Live’ where he appeared in many films. Some of those are ‘Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery’ (1997), ‘A Night at the Roxbury’ (1998), ‘Superstar’ (1999), ‘Dick’ (1999) and ‘Zoolander’ (2001).

Here are some of the best highlights of Will Ferrell’s career:

  • Zoolander (Movie, 2001)
  • Elf (Movie, 2003)
  • Anchorman (Movie, 2004)
  • Blades of Glory (Movie, 2007)
  • Step Brothers (Movie, 2008)
  • American Comedy Awards (Best Comedy Actor, 2014) – Won
  • Get Hard (Movie, 2015)
  • Zoolander 2 (Movie, 2016)
  • Daddy’s Home 2 (Movie, 2017)
  • Holmes & Watson (Movie, 2018)