Wayne Brady Net Worth

Wayne Brady net worth

Wayne Brady is an American Actor. Wayne Brady Net Worth according to the 2022 updates is around $12 Million. Explore more about Wayne Brady‘s earning, income, salary, career and other details.

Wayne Brady Full name James Edward Franco. His nick Name was Super Cam. Wayne Brady now 50 Years old . Apart from than he is also Talk show host, Singer, Comedian, Television Producer, Screnwriter and Game show Host.

Wayne Brady Father was  Wayne was a drill sergeant in the army and her Mother was  Linda was worked at a hospital she had also a Sibling name Anna Garner.

Wayne Brady Wife  was  Diana Lasso (1993-1995) and Mandie Taketa (1999-2008). He has one childrens

Wayne Brady complete his graduation in 1989. Here are the best highlights of Wayne Brady’s Career

He is best known for “Whose Line Is It Anyway”. He has guest-starred on many shows like Chappelle’s Show, Sesame Street, Stargate SSG-1, Everybody Hates Chris, 30 Rock and Psych etc.He hosted Fox game show, Don’t Forget the Lyrics.

He also released two albums “A long Time Coming and Radio Wayne.

He was born in 2 Jun 1972  in Columbus, Georgia, United States of America.

He got many Awards like Primetime Emmy Awards