Trey Parker Net Worth

Trey Parker Net Worth

Trey Parker is an American animator, director, producer, screenwriter, actor and composer. Trey Parker Net Worth according to the 2022 updates is around $600 Million. Explore more about Trey Parker‘s earning, income, salary, career and other details. His yearly income 50 million and monthly income 4 million.

Trey Parker Full name Randolph Severn “Trey” Parker  III. His nick Name was Trey Parker. Trey Parker now 52 Years old .

Trey Parker Father Randy and his Mother Sharon.

Trey Parker Spouse  was  Boogie Tillmon, Emma Sugiyama . He has one kids.

He was born in 19 October 1969  in Colordo, NewYork, United states of america.

Trey Parker complete his graduation. Here are the best highlights of Trey Parker’s Career

Parker and Matt Stone began making animated movies while still at the university. They made ‘Jesus vs. Frosty’ using just construction paper, glue and an old film camera. The movie was premiered at a student film screening in 1992.

In 1995, they created another animated film called ‘Jesus vs. Santa’. The plot revolved around the adventures of four boys.

The adult animated sitcom ‘South Park’ premiered on the Comedy Central television network in 1997. The show became famous for its crude language, sexual content, and dark humor which were intended for a mature audience. The show became one of the channel’s highest rated shows.

The success of ‘South Park’ propelled the duo to co-write and produce a full-length feature film based on the show. ‘South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut’, a musical comedy film, was released in 1999.

Here are some of the best highlights of Trey Parker’s career:

  • South Park (TV Show)
  • The Three Friends and Jerry (TV Show, 1998-1999)