Simon Konecki Net Worth

Simon Konecki is an British Businessman. Simon Konecki Net Worth according to the 2022 updates is around $3 Million. Explore more about Simon Konecki‘s earning, income, salary, career and other details. His yearly income 250,000 and monthly income 20,000.

Simon Konecki Full name Simon Konecki. His nick Name was Simon Konecki. Simon Konecki now 48 Years old .

Simon Konecki Father Andrew  Konecki and his Mother Rosemary Konecki.

Simon Konecki Spouse  was  Adele . He has one kids.

He was born in 17 April 1974  in New York, New York, United states of america.

Simon Konecki complete his graduation. Here are the best highlights of Simon Konecki’s Career

Simon started his career when he was just 17 years as a trader. He has managed the senior broker team at Lehman Brothers and was eventually working as the director at EBS, a subsidiary of the trading behemoth Icecap.

He also partners with Tom Parker-Bowles and Bear Grylls in their business. In 2005, he wanted to start his own business and decided to team up with his college mate Lucas White. They both started the organisation Drop4drop, a charity organization that campaigns and strives towards supplying clean water in very poor countries in the world.

Recently, he has also launched his bottle brand named “Life Water” with his friend Lucas.