Michael Burry Net Worth

Michael Burry is an American physician, investor and hedge fund manager. Michael Burry Net Worth according to the 2022 updates is around $300 Million. Explore more about Michael Burry‘s earning, income, salary, career and other details. His yearly income 25 million and monthly income 2 million.

Michael Burry Full name Michael Burry. His nick Name was Michael Burry. Michael Burry now 51 Years old .

Michael Burry Father N/A and his Mother N/A.

Michael Burry Spouse  was  N/A . He has one kids.

He was born in 19 Jun 1971  in San Jose, California, United states of america.

Michael Burry complete his graduation. Here are the best highlights of Michael Burry’s Career

While off duty during his time at Stanford, Burry worked on financial investing, and became particularly successful in value investing. He did so well with his stock picks that he garnered the attention of companies such as White Mountains Insurance Group and Vanguard, as well as major investors such as Joel Greenblatt. Burry has said that his investment style is based on the 1934 book “Security Analysis,” and that all of his stock picking is entirely rooted in the concept of margin of safety.

In late 2000, Burry founded his own hedge fund called Scion Capital, which was funded by both an inheritance and loans from his family. Almost immediately, he was earning enormous profits for his investors. In his first full year in 2001, he was reportedly up 55% while the S&P 500 fell 11.88%. The S&P 500 fell again the next year while Burry once again was up.

In 2003, he beat the market again with his investments rising by 50%. To achieve these returns, Burry used a strategy of shorting overvalued tech stocks. By the end of 2004, he was managing around $600 million.

Burry began focusing on the subprime market in 2005. Using his own analysis of mortgage lending practices over the previous two years, he correctly foresaw that the real estate bubble would collapse within as early as 2007. He did research on the values of residential real estate, and predicted that subprime mortgages and the bonds based on them would start losing value when the original rates were replaced by far higher rates. Consequently, Burry shorted the market by persuading Goldman Sachs and other big investment firms to sell him credit default swaps against subprime deals that were vulnerable.