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Martin Shkreli Net Worth

Martin Shkreli Net Worth is $00 Million US Dollars

Martin Shkreli is an Albanian American Businessman. Martin Shkreli Net Worth according to the 2022 updates is around $0 Million. Explore more about Martin Shkreli‘s earning, income, salary, career and other details. His

Martin Shkreli Full name Martin Shkreli. His nick Name was Martin Shkreli. Martin Shkreli now 36 Years old .

Martin Shkreli Father NA  and his Mother NA  .

Martin Shkreli Spouse  was  NA  .

He was born in 17 March 1983  in Brooklyn, New York, United states of america.

Martin Shkreli complete his graduation. Here are the best highlights of Martin Shkreli’s Career

Shkreli’s internship was at the hedge fund Cramer, Berkowitz, and Company. While there, he recommended short-selling the stock of a biotech company called Regeneron that was testing a weight-loss drug. Cramer profited when the price of Regeneron dropped as Shkreli predicted. The SEC also took notice and wanted to know how Shkreli could predict that but could not find any evidence that he had any insider knowledge or had taken part in any wrongdoing.  After four years at Cramer Berkowitz as both an intern and an associate, he departed to work as a financial analyst two large investment banks.

In 2006, Shkreli founded his own hedge fund, Elea Capital Management. The following year, Elea was sued in New York State court by Lehman Brothers. According to the lawsuit, Shkreli made the wrong bet and when the stock he shorted rose in value, he didn’t have the funds to repay Lehman Brothers. The bank won a $2.3 million judgment against Shkreli in October 2007. However, the bank went under before it could collect on the judgment.

In 2011 Shkreli founded a company called Retrophin to make further biotech investments. He again focused on biotech companies, this time the ones that created treatments for rare diseases. Retrophin’s board removed Shkreli from the company in the fall of 2014. Retrophin filed a $65 million lawsuit against Shkreli over, among other things the fact that he “committed stock-trading irregularities and other violations of securities rules.”


Martin Shkreli

Martin Shkreli
Net Worth $00 Million
Martin Shkreli Net worth in Rupees ₹00 Crores
PROFESSION Albanian American Businessman
SOURCE OF INCOME Albanian American Businessman
WIKIPEDIA Martin Shkreli

What is the monthly income of Martin Shkreli?

The net worth of Martin Shkreli is $00 Million US Dollars. The monthly income of Martin Shkreli is $NA US Dollars. The annual income of Martin Shkreli is $NA US Dollars. The main source of Martin Shkreli's income is from Albanian American Businessman.

"Martin Shkreli's Net Worth in 2023 is $00 Million US DOLLAR"

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of Martin Shkreli?

Martin Shkreli’s total net worth is around $00 Million. 

What is the Salary of Martin Shkreli?

Martin Shkreli earns an estimated salary of $NA Per year.

What is the profession of Martin Shkreli?

Martin Shkreli's profession is Albanian American Businessman

What is the source of income of Martin Shkreli?

Martin Shkreli's source of income are Albanian American Businessman

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