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Lil Dicky Net Worth

Lil Dicky Net Worth is $8 Million US Dollars

Originally posted on July 24, 2022 @ 1:37 pm

Lil Dicky is an American Rapper and Comedian. Lil Dicky Net Worth according to the 2022 updates is around $8  Million. Explore more about Lil Dicky ‘s earning, income, salary, career and other details.

Lil Dicky Full name David Andrew Burd. His nick Name was lil Dicky or LD.  Lil Dicky now 34 Years old . he came to limelight after release his song Ex-Boyfriend which one day views in more than one million.

Lil Dicky complete his graduation in university of Richmond. Here are the best highlights of Lil Dicky’s Career

So hard released 2013, than ex-boyfriend, than professional rapper toue (2014), Looking for love tour (2015), (Still) Looking for love tour (2016), Dick or Treat Tour (2016), Freaky Friday (2018)

Freaky Friday feat  his most popular videos. His youtube channel 7 million subscribers and chris brown has been viewd more than 600 million.

He was born in 15 March 1988  in Eikins Park, Pennsylvania, United States of America.


Lil Dicky

Net Worth $8 Million
Lil Dicky Net worth in Rupees ₹63.2 Crores
PROFESSION American Rapper and Comedian
SOURCE OF INCOME American Rapper and Comedian

What is the monthly income of Lil Dicky?

The net worth of Lil Dicky is $8 Million US Dollars. The monthly income of Lil Dicky is $10,000 US Dollars. The annual income of Lil Dicky is $100,000 US Dollars. The main source of Lil Dicky's income is from American Rapper and Comedian.

"Lil Dicky's Net Worth in 2023 is $8 Million US DOLLAR"

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of Lil Dicky?

Lil Dicky’s total net worth is around $8 Million. 

What is the Salary of Lil Dicky?

Lil Dicky earns an estimated salary of $100,000 Per year.

What is the profession of Lil Dicky?

Lil Dicky's profession is American Rapper and Comedian

What is the source of income of Lil Dicky?

Lil Dicky's source of income are American Rapper and Comedian

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