Kurt Warner Net Worth

Kurt Warner is an American retired Football Quarterback. Kurt Warner Net Worth according to the 2022 updates is around $30 Million. Explore more about Kurt Warner‘s earning, income, salary, career and other details. His yearly income 11 million and monthly income 1 million.

Kurt Warner Full name Kurtis Eugene  Warner. His nick Name was Kurt Warner. Kurt Warner now 51 Years old .

He was born in 22 June 1971  in Burlington, Lowa, United states of america.

Kurt Warner complete his graduation. Here are the best highlights of Kurt Warner’s Career

Warner’s NFL career did not get off to a flying start. He went undrafted in the 1994 Draft. He was then released by the Green Bay Packers after being invited to their training camp. Kurt’s failure to sign with a team saw him accepting a job at a grocery store in Cedar Falls for $5.50 per hour. However, he continued to involve himself with professional football, becoming a graduate assistant coach at Northern Iowa. In 1995, he signed with the Arena Football League to play with the Iowa Barnstormers. He quickly became one of the league’s biggest stars, leading Iowa to two consecutive Arena Bowl appearances.

This success seemed to grab the attention of the St. Louis Rams, who signed Warner. Kurt then played briefly in NFL Europe before relocating back to the United States. Much like his initial years at Northern Iowa, Warner found himself acting as the third-string quarterback. Due to a lineup shift after the 1999 NFL Expansion Draft, Warner suddenly found himself as the second-string quarterback behind Trent Green. Green was then sidelined with a torn ACL, giving Warner the starting position that he’d been waiting for.

His performance shocked the entire league. He ended with 4,353 throwing yards, 40 touchdown passes, and a completion rate of 65.1%. The Rams’ offense earned the nickname “The Greatest Show on Turf,” and they charged to a Super Bowl victory that year. The victory came after Kurt threw a game-winning, 73-yard touchdown pass in the dying moments of the final.