The degree of psychology is a great way to start a career that can be very versatile. Psychology students are trained in a wide range of aspects of human behaviour that can be applied to many industries. Interactions with other students from around the globe provide valuable experience for diversity and collaboration. It helps students to better understand human psychology and interactions, which further enhances their education.

These experiences make an online Bachelor’s degree in Psychology highly valuable. The skills of critical thinking, communication and research, all acquired through psychology studies, make you a good candidate in many different fields. Job markets that are open to you include business, psychology, social work and research.

Online degrees in psychology offer a variety of options that can help graduates enter an exciting and lucrative industry.

What Are the Best Online Psychology Degree Programs?

1. Northeastern University

Northeastern University offers an accredited online BS in psychology through the College of Professional Studies. Students can choose from three distinct professional tracks including:

  • Clinical Track
  • Applied Behavioral Analysis Track
  • MAT (Education) Track

Open electives allow students to further tailor the program to meet their educational goals. Students complete two advanced practicum experiences that provide the opportunity for hands on training. The program prepares students for a career in human services or further education in graduate studies.

The tuition costs for education at Northeastern University are quite high. However, over 70% of students receive financial aid. The investment is well worth the upfront cost as the median starting salary of alumni is $67,204 per year. Incredible pay projection is offered at this top university for a psychology degree, making this excellent institution our first-place choice.

2. Arizona State University

Arizona State University is a public research institution committed to excellence in education. ASU has one of the most respected online psychology programs in the state. They offer an online Bachelor of Science in Psychology taught by expert instructors. Their psychology program is not only accredited but also highly respected.

Courses are offered in short, seven-and-a-half-week sessions, allowing students to complete their degree quickly. Psychology major course offerings include:

  • Research Methods
  • Statistical Methods
  • Careers in Psychology

Arizona State University also offers an online MS in psychology. Courses are taught by tenured and tenure-track faculty. Elective course offerings allow students to focus on areas of interest. The program does not prepare online students to work in clinical psychology, but it does prepare graduates to pursue a doctoral degree or career advancement opportunities.

The cost per credit hour is around $600, and graduates can expect to earn a median starting salary of about $44,456. Arizona State is more affordable than many other institutions without sacrificing rigor or projected annual salary. We like that ASU offers online degrees for undergrads as well as graduate students. Affordable tuition and flexible programming make Arizona State number two of the top 15 online psych programs.

3. University of Florida – Online

At UF, students can join Gator Nation and complete affordable, high-quality programs respected by employers. The 120-credit BA in psychology prepares learners for graduate school and careers in diverse fields such as business, education, and healthcare.

Students must complete all general education requirements, 40-47 credits of psychology coursework, and courses in biological science to receive this degree. The curriculum of the online psychology degree includes courses in comparative, developmental, and abnormal psychology. Students complete up to six credits of individual work that may consist of community work, undergraduate research, or a senior thesis.

4. Liberty University

Liberty University, a top Christian college, offers hundreds of programs through Liberty Online. Students interested in psychology enroll in the fully online, 120-credit BS in psychology — a degree they can typically complete in 3.5 years. The curriculum requires general education credits that many students commonly transfer. The core major credits of the online psychology degree provide foundational knowledge of psychology, human biology, developmental psychology, and statistics for the social sciences.

At the upper level, students examine social psychology, psychology of personality, and behavioral modification. Faculty members deliver the program using eight-week courses for accelerated degree completion. The transfer-friendly school allows learners to transfer up to 75% of the degree’s requirements from prior college credit.

5. Oregon State University

Oregon State University is an accredited public university that offers two of the best online psychology degrees including the BS and BA in psychology.

Each program option is about 180 credit hours long with intensive rigor which prepares students for careers that work heavily with the public. Courses are developed by world-class faculty so you can feel confident that the curriculum is relevant and meets the needs of the field. Sample course topics include:

  • Health psychology
  • Human lifespan development
  • Cognitive psychology
  • Brain and behavior

Annual tuition costs hover above the national average at $21,163, and graduates can expect to earn an above-average salary in their careers. Average annual salaries are expected to be around $43,364.

Once you’ve earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology, it is highly beneficial to remain in school and seek a master’s or doctorate. This will open up the most opportunities and provide the best pay. In psychology, the outlook is best for those with doctorates, followed by a master’s, then a bachelor’s. Few BA recipients end up working in a field related to psychology. Many jobs are attainable with a bachelor’s, but they are often in other fields. Common industries include business administration, sales, and education.

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